AI powered PROGRAMMING is reality – power FX got more powerful with GPT-3

Artificial Intelligence is impacting every aspect of our life’s. Not only it uses it’s models to create outputs used by businesses it also has also been leveraged to make life of developers easy  and enable then to quickly build the apps they need and more easily learn advanced concepts in the process.

Microsoft has fine-tuned one of the most advanced natural language AI models on the planet, a model known as OpenAI GPT-3, to automatically generate Power Fx formulas based on natural language input. 

Trained with 175 billion parameters, GPT-3 is an advanced natural language AI model that implements deep learning to be able to both understand and produce human-like text based on a prompt in natural language. Microsoft has a strategic collaboration with OpenAI, the developers of GPT-3, to be able to apply the model in products like Power Apps.

Below is an example of the generated Power FX formula based on the text inputted.

Refer to below links for details on the announcements and the technology under the hood.


Author: Rachit Garg

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Architect

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