Thats a wrap – Microsoft inspire 2021

Here’s overview of the biggest announcements from Microsoft Inspire 2021.

Microsoft Collaborative Apps with Dynamics 365

Going forward, Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 will work more seamlessly together to deliver new ways for everyone in an organisation to seamlessly capture and exchange ideas in the follow of the workday. Microsoft also removed the licensing tax that would otherwise make this integration harder to access.

Dynamics 365 users will now be able to invite anyone in their organisation to collaborate on customer records within a Teams channel or chat. Sales teams will even share information on different sales opportunities, customer relationship health, customer history, and more. Users of Dynamics 365 will also be able to add Teams meetings when creating appointments, allowing access to information within a Teams call.

Users will even be able to capture notes directly within the Teams call, which is saved automatically within the timeline of the Dynamics 365 record.

Connected Workflows and Collaborative Apps

Microsoft also used Inspire as a platform to announce a new host of independent software vendor apps from companies like SAP Sales Cloud, Atlassian Confluence, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Workday. ISVs will also soon have the option to sell apps directly in Teams, offering new opportunities and providing simplified experiences for IT admins to purchase subscriptions and apps from the Teams admin centre directly.

Introducing Windows 365 Cloud PC

It’s not just workflows and collaborative apps making a major difference to the Microsoft ecosystem. According to the Microsoft workforce, PCs play a crucial role in keeping people connected while they work and learn. Microsoft recently introduced Windows 11 to update the PC experience. At Inspire, they revealed Windows 365, a new cloud service which changes the way users experience Windows.

Windows 365 will allow users to log into their solution from any device, with an instant-on booting experience from any environment. You can pick up from wherever you left off, no matter which device you’re using.

Windows 365 will also allow you to bring collaborative apps, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, and security or identity credentials with you wherever you go.

Enhancing Microsoft Viva

Microsoft also introduced more of the amazing features of Microsoft Viva during Insight. This solution, powered by Microsoft 365, will work alongside the existing solutions in the Microsoft ecosystem. The new Viva upgrades include the arrival of Viva Partner Integrations, with a host of content providers to choose from, including Qualtrics, Workday, and many others.

Securing the Digital Transformation

Microsoft also revealed at Insight that it’s empowering partners to develop better levels of trust with customers through new security offerings to prioritise sustainability, accessibility, and inclusion. Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is now entering preview to provide managed service providers with a central location for security management. There are templates to help with securing data and devices and tools to help partners quickly identify and respond to threats, like device compliance alerts and anomalous sign-in.

Microsoft introduced app governance add-on functionality for the App Security environment. Partners will be able to use this to monitor and govern apps on Microsoft 365 more effectively and prevent risky behaviour.

Finally, new universal regulatory templates in Compliance Manager for non-Microsoft cloud will allow partners to use over 300 templates to manage customer compliance in different apps and cloud spaces.

Check out the on demand sessions on Inspire website below:


Author: Rachit Garg

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Architect

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